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An artist that is creating for two decades in color, fabric, and digital technology.
A bold color sequence in a series of characters, alongside an abstract and minimalist side, the entire set of options let the artist to use technological abilities and does not abandon the brush, spatula, and color scent as an artist faithful to the original.
His ideas are impaired from his travels around the world and a unique acquaintance with the cultures and communities he has met in the world.
A variety of languages ​​surround his works, which are currently expressed in a clean line, bold color, hidden shadows, and texture.
The language of painting for the artist is like poetry that emphasizes and weakens, weakens the carpets of color and progresses in a constant search for the passion of line, color, and perfect harmony.
The search never ends.
In the eyes of the observer from the side in these works of all their nuances, something new, refreshing and daring is revealed, each period heralding a new idea which was born from stages which it has absorbed.
The slowness of the road leads to the final product.

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